Recipe: Easy, Cheap Beef Stroganoff

I get most of my recipes from for many reasons. My main reason is because of all the practical categories you can search through. For example, they have categories such as “5 items or less,” cooking and prep times, vegetarian, main dish, cuisine, inexpensive…it just goes on. This recipe I found called “Cheap Beef Stroganoff” is easy and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients or preparation. You can just go straight to the website and take the recipe from there, but here I’m going to explain how I did it a little simpler (can you believe it’s possible?)…

these are the ingredients i used in this recipe (not including pasta). pretty simple, eh?

these are the ingredients i used in this recipe (not including pasta). pretty simple, eh?

Step 1: Cut up onions and saute with hamburger. Pretty simple. I don’t normally measure how much, but the first couple of times I try to abide by the recipe as is. I just make sure there’s enough for two servings.
Step 2: Add soup (and garlic). This time around I didn’t have the garlic. It wasn’t the end of the world. I also don’t drain the hamburger because it’s always fine when I don’t.
Step 3: Add sour cream and green beans/asparagus/peas. I can’t eat peas, so I usually use another vegetable.

As for the pasta to serve with it, you can cook it whenever. I usually start boiling the water when I saute the onions and hamburger. You can also serve it over rice if you prefer. I enjoy this meal because it has a good amount of protein (in addition to saturated fat and sodium from the cream of mushroom). It also makes enough for leftovers, even if you have a guest.

So that’s all for now. Enjoy!


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