Recipe: Mushroom Mozarella Chicken

Since I started this blog, I’ve decided to try some different and new things. I also decided that, since I’m not working yet, I don’t have to make meals that can be easily transported. I got this recipe from Nibblous, another recipe sharing website. It doesn’t give details about prep time or number of servings, but it’s a new website, so…cut them some slack. It was a fantastic recipe.

mushrooms. mozarella. chicken. garlic. easy shmeazy.

mushrooms. mozarella. chicken. garlic. easy shmeazy.

Step 1: Heat oil in skillet, then cook chicken with garlic and remove. The recipe says chicken breasts; I got tenderloins because they’re cheaper. As a result, I had to guess the cooking time. Also, I didn’t get garlic salt, and instead chopped up some extra garlic.
Step 2: Saute mushrooms. pretty self explanatory.
Step 3: Add chicken back to the skillet and melt cheese on top. I found it difficult to get the mushrooms on top of the chicken. I guess it would be easier to take the mushrooms out and then add them after the chicken.

I wanted to make pasta or rice with this, but I forgot. Also, I think a vegetable would’ve been nice, but…I forgot. Anyway, cheese, mushrooms, chicken. Not that hard. Not that intimidating. You can do it!


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