Fried Rice: Not Just Leftovers Anymore?

For all you people who really enjoy fried rice, let me tell you something: it’s leftovers. When you order leftovers at a restaurant, they use leftover meat, leftover rice, leftover vegetables, and whatever other things are in fried rice. So when my filipino hapa friend suggested that we make fried rice for dinner, you can imagine my shock. A fellow hapa wants to make fried rice? From fresh ingredients?

I will now be first to admit that this fried rice was actually quite enjoyable. It wasn’t something I would’ve ever considered making, but now I have a new option for breakfast and lazy dinners. We used rice, eggs, onions, garlic, and green beans. You, however, can use any sort of vegetable you like. You could also use any protein, but eggs are cheap, and unless I had leftover fish or beef, I would never consider wasting them on fried rice.

1. Start the rice. Usually I make 1/2 cup for myself for one serving.
2. Saute garlic and onions. Since it’s fried rice, I don’t think the measurements really matter. Do what you like.
3. Add rice to pan. Mix it all together and add some more olive oil or butter as you wish.
4. Scramble egg and add it to rice mixture. Add some pepper, ginger, paprika, whatever spices you want. Again, it’s just fried rice.
5. Add oyster sauce. My friend says she usually uses soy sauce, but I think the oyster sauce adds the salt as well as some flavor.

It’s fried rice. You can’t really go wrong. I hope this will somewhat redeem my previous curry post. Enjoy!


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