Eating is a Great Way to Procrastinate

This past week has been difficult in terms of my meals because Urban Organic forgot my tofu. As a result, I haven’t had any protein to base my meals around, and therefore I feel quite lost. But they deliver a new box tomorrow, which I’m really excited about. They also sent me a nice email to apologize, and they told me my account would be credited.

Two of my roommates have decided to jump on board, so we’re getting the original value box for $34.99! This week they’re including beets, and we all know what that means, right? BORSCHT! My mom has an awesome recipe that I plan to make this week.

And speaking of recipes, I apologize for not posting one from last week. I tried to make this recipe from PakiRecipes, but I had some trouble. My biggest problem was with the way the recipe was written. I wasn’t sure about the cooking times, or how much of each ingredient I needed. It didn’t turn out at all like I thought it was supposed to. Maybe next time I’ll try a recipe with measurements and clearer directions!

That’s all for now. Now go celebrate National Pecan Cookie Day!


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