From One Generation to the Next

In my nutrition book, I’m reading about how nutrition changes throughout our lifetimes, what we need when, what new factors inhibit these needs, etc. In the margin of my book are 10 tips for “productive aging,” recommended for younger people by an older generation. I wanted to post it as a reminder that, while food is one of the most important contributors to happiness, these are still great suggestions:

1. simplify your life; identify priorities and trim the superfluous.
2. pay attention to yourself – body, mind, and spirit.
3. continue to teach and learn; take up leisure activities.
4. be flexible; learn to navigate change.
5. be charitable; make it a practice to give.
6. be financially astute; invest early for retirement.
7. find and participate in activities that interest you; you’ll live better in retirement if you do.
8. commit to good nutrition and exercise, no matter what.
9. think about your past and future; deal with your mortality.
10. be involved; be positive; link with others.

Some food for thought.


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