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Holiday Craze

SO sorry I haven’t been keeping up. These past couple weeks have been finals, and as a result, it’s been difficult for me to cook on a regular basis. But that’s an obstacle of being a student chef, right? To be honest, I can’t imagine how real working people – i.e. mothers – manage to do all the things they do and still cook a good meal for their families.

I had a thought the other day for a healthy meal program for low-income families. I know there are a lot out there, and maybe this idea already exists. Regardless, I was thinking about how this blog works: I tell you my budget, and I show you what I can do with it. I would want to take a family’s budget, sit down with them to create a grocery list or a meal plan, and then help them cook. Of course, the program would be flexible and a family could ask for one meal per week instead of a whole week’s worth.

Ultimately I would want it to cater to the family’s needs and availability. I wouldn’t want to force a family to sit down to a dinner if they didn’t have time or didn’t want it. If the family does want more structure, the program could provide that. And I wouldn’t want to charge extra. I would want to show the families how to work within their budget.

I have it all outlined in a notebook somewhere, but I’m too lazy to find it. I just need to go home and let my brain chill the fuck out.


Sole Florentine…but I used tilapia

I had a man friend come visit me this weekend from West Point, and I thought I’d cook some fish because I know he doesn’t get enough seafood there. I found this recipe on YumSugar. I couldn’t find sole at Gristedes, so I bought tilapia instead. I also served it with a side of roasted potatoes with garlic and olive oil (I’m not good at potatoes), and not only was the plate wonderfully colorful, but it was also quite tasty. And, once again, I didn’t have time to photograph my meal or the process, but here’s a picture of me in my awesome apron!

that's right. i'm a sexy and fabulously strong woman. don't mess.

I will post my grocery list later. I figured this recipe would be much more interesting than my groceries this week. Still staying under budget though!

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