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Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread

I’ve always seen recipes on the back of ingredient packages, but I’ve never bothered to make them. I figure “Eh, I’ve got my own recipes.” This time, however, I decided to go for it for two reasons:

1. Urban Organic has been delivering over ripe, bruised bananas. I never want to eat them, but they’re perfect for banana bread!
2. I made butter this weekend, and when you make butter, you get buttermilk. That was the real key to choosing this recipe – it called for the exact amount of buttermilk I made!

So I followed the recipe on the back of the Gold Medal flour package and it turned out great. It didn’t last two days in my apartment.

my bread looked exactly like betty crocker's. for serious.

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This Week’s Groceries

I’m really excited to tell you about the recipe I baked this week, but first I should do the groceries. School started this week, which means the budget is back. I’m glad because now I have structure and feel I can control my spending. So here it is (items not from U.O. in italics):

green cabbage (wtf?)
garnet yams
romaine lettuce
russet potatoes
bosc pears
valencia oranges
granny smith apples
hoisin sauce
chicken thighs
chopped walnuts

Urban Organic ($26.98) + other groceries ($22.07) = $49.05
amount left in budget = $20.90 (I also bought bread and coffee at Le Pain Quotidien! Fantastic!)

Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash

This (past) week I returned to a favorite recipe site: Recipezaar. I also received an acorn squash in my Urban Organic vegetable box, and wanted a recipe that wasn’t meat-based. So…I came upon this! I made a couple adjustments, however. First, I used a brown rice pilaf instead because the grocery store I went to didn’t have wild rice. Second, I didn’t use celery, pecans, or a couple of the spices. The pecans would’ve been such a great addition, but I was cheap. I also didn’t get a picture of it because it was so tasty, so here’s a picture of me drinking coffee with a gecko…hanging from my ceiling. (It was for my new year’s party…?)

if you watch BSG, then you'll understand the mug. if you don't watch BSG, then...go watch it.

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This Week’s Groceries

This week I spoiled myself a bit. I made dinner for some friends last night, and I’ll be cooking a steak dinner for someone this weekend. So anywho, here’s the list (items not from U.O. in italics):

acorn squash
russet potatoes
d’anjou pears
valencia oranges
braeburn apples
kraft DELUXE (!) mac n cheese
whipping cream
plain yogurt
chicken broth
green bell pepper
sirloin steak
chicken wings

Urban Organic (26.98) + other groceries (35.14) = $62.12
Since I’m not in school yet, I’m not going to do the budget thing…

Baingun Ka Bhurta – unsuccessful indeed

I’ve tried making a recipe from PakiRecipes before, and I had a similar conclusion: I failed. Partly because I misread the directions, and partly because I don’t think there are enough directions. I should’ve just looked back at that post, because I pretty much have the same things to say about this recipe.

i wish eggplant were more flavorful. it looks so interesting.

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This Week’s Groceries

OK, so it’s been quite a week since the new year started. Yesterday Urban Organic seemed to have forgotten me, but they called today to confirm my box hadn’t been delivered, and they brought me one this evening. And keeping with my new year’s somewhat resolution, here is my grocery list (items not from U.O. in italics):

green chard (they forgot to include/ran out)
green beans (they ALSO forgot to include!/ran out)
green leaf lettuce
russet potatoes
dan jou pears
valencia oranges
braeburn apples
garam masala (supposed to get chaat, but they didn’t have any)
plain yogurt
canned, premade jaipur karhi (sounded like an easy meal)
annie’s mac and cheese

Urban Organic ($26.98) + other groceries ($30.50) = $57.48
total left in budget = ??? (I’ve spent a lot while people were visiting. Plus, school hasn’t started, so my budget/routine is all wack.)

Resolutions and Routines

So I’m trying to get back into a routine now that the holidays have passed. I hadn’t really thought of a resolution until I started making up my grocery list for this week. In a diet analysis I did for my nutrition class, I concluded that I should consume more vegetable proteins and less animal products. Now don’t get me wrong: I still eat meat. I still love meat. But I want to try adding more legumes into my diet.

Some people feel that a vegetarian diet doesn’t work for them because they never feel full or have enough energy. Since I should know how to combine my incomplete proteins properly to achieve maximum absorbency (or whatever), I’m going to try cooking less meat. My new years resolution is to cook no meat for at least one week out of each month. I can still eat meat in restaurants and whatnot, but I will not cook it at home. Eggs are OK though.

So please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas. Let the challenge begin!

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