Baingun Ka Bhurta – unsuccessful indeed

I’ve tried making a recipe from PakiRecipes before, and I had a similar conclusion: I failed. Partly because I misread the directions, and partly because I don’t think there are enough directions. I should’ve just looked back at that post, because I pretty much have the same things to say about this recipe.

i wish eggplant were more flavorful. it looks so interesting.

I guess to start, I couldn’t find chat masala, so I used garam masala instead. I honestly don’t know the difference. My first mistake was that I added 2 tablespoons instead of 2 teaspoons. Obviously, my own fault. I ended up throwing the mixture into a colander, rinsing it under cold water, and then adding the yogurt and spices in the right measurements. Seemed fine.

My biggest problem, however, was with the onions. The recipe doesn’t say how to cut them or whether to cook them before putting them into the mixture. I diced them as I normally do and threw them into the yogurt and eggplant mix. As a result, I had huge chunks of onion in my baingun ka bhurta, and it just didn’t taste good. It could’ve been something I’d know not to do if I were a more experienced cook, but since it’s a cuisine I’m not very familiar with, I feel there should be better instructions.

The recipe seemed really simple, which is why I gave it a try. But now that I’ve tried it, I know that the recipes on this site are never as easy as they seem.


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