Sorry I didn’t post a grocery list this week. I would’ve posted it today, but Urban Organic already updated their list and they didn’t include a newsletter in my box. But here’s the recipe for the momos I made this week! It was so much fun, but took forever. My little steamer only fit 6 dumplings at a time. And she says they’re Nepalese dumplings, but I actually first heard of momos in a Mediterranean restaurant. Weird.

Note: I went out and spent my Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards to buy a steamer, a pastry mat (I got mine for $7), and baby tongs. You’ll need the steamer, a pastry mat, and a rolling pin to make these.

THEY'RE SO CUTE! also, the color scheme of the plate matches my apron. awesome.

1. Chop finely and mix onion and cabbage. I don’t have a food processor, so I chopped everything as finely as I could, which wasn’t very finely because I didn’t feel like it.

2. Mix filling ingredients together, then chill for 1 hour: onion, cabbage, garlic, ginger, ground beef, spices, and oil. I left some things out. What’s new.

3. Mix flour, oil, salt, and water for dough. I don’t have a processor thingy, but mixing it by hand wasn’t difficult.

4. Roll out dough as thin as possible, and cut into small circles. I used a cup with a 3″ diameter to cut my momo/dumpling wraps. In the end I don’t think I rolled the dough thin enough, so don’t be lazy about it. I eventually rolled it until I could see my rolling mat underneath, and those turned out OK. I also didn’t use whole wheat flour because I couldn’t find any at the grocery store.

5. Put a small spoonful of filling into the center of the wrap and then wrap it up. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this! I freaked out when I made my first one. It was so cute! If you’re having trouble wrapping the dumpling, use a tiny bit of water to seal it.

6. Oil the surface of the steamer, boil the water, and steam the dumplings for 30 minutes. I had trouble with this because after 15 minutes, my water started to disappear, so I’d have to refill it. I was annoyed.

She says the dumplings are done when the wrap is shiny, but I wasn’t a good judge of “shiny.” I think I eventually got it though. I also coated the dumplings in a little oil, and sometimes I’d fry them for a few seconds after steaming. I tried just frying them, but because of their shape (or maybe I’m retarded), the inside wasn’t entirely cooked.

All in all, I really enjoyed the dumplings and I had a ton of fun making them! It took me over 4 hours, but whatever. It was 4 hours of not doing homework.


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