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This Week’s Groceries

I feel super awesome about myself. Why? Because I just did my grocery shopping at the Union Square greenmarket! I’m really excited to cook now that I’m (almost) done with classes. Check out the list (items not from U.O. in italics):

green beans
green chard
romaine lettuce
russet potatoes
mineola tangerines
valencia oranges
d’anjou pears
red grapefruit
red delicious apples
strawberry apple juice
spare ribs

I haven’t been keeping track of my budget, but I think the total is: Urban Organic (26.98) + other groceries (14) = $40.98

Not too shabby.



I just finished working a project with a friend called DINNER WITH DANGER. It’s supposed to be the story of a college girl who lives on a college budget and tries to cook for herself after crazy nights of partying. Not exactly the story of my life, but kind of close. You should all check it out – I did the flash animations, and my girl Jakee did everything else. Make sure you visit Jakee’s home site too!

Dinner with Danger!

So Close and Yet So Far

It’s finals week, which means I’m getting more stressed out and less concerned with cooking fun, tasty, and healthy meals. I’ve been buying chicken wings every week so that I can at least make two solid meals. I’m hoping that once school is over and I’m working part-time for the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, I can get back on track.

Meanwhile, I just got my Spring edition of Diner Journal, the Poultry Special Edition! It’s just pages of recipes for chicken, turkey, and duck of all different cuisines (The last one was all about wine). I’M SO EXCITED. Its production, its art, its layout, its stories, its recipes…I love it all. It’s hole-punched and they include a small measurement converter card. It may seem pretentious, but I think Diner Journal an accessible, humble quarterly magazine produced by Marlow & Sons. For $36 you get 4 issues a year, I say subscribe right now.

Like, right now.

Once Upon a Time, I Used to Cook


These past two weeks I haven’t done much cooking because I’ve been out doing one thing or another. And this is part of student life, which will be no longer in less than 30 days! It means the purpose of this blog will change a little, but when it comes down to it, I won’t be earning the big bucks after I graduate, so I’ll still basically have the same food budget.

I’ve ordered a couple times from this Chinese restaurant called Mee Noodle Soup on 9th ave. And I promise, it’s not your regular Chinese delivery place. Why? Because they have Chinese sausage! I haven’t been able to find this dish anywhere in NYC. Unfortunately, I tried to order it yesterday and they called to tell me they didn’t have it! I’ve been really happy with them, and if you’re in Midtown and want delivery, I highly recommend this place.

So that’s all I really have to say for now. Hopefully I’ll get back on track these next few weeks and cook more, but I have a feeling it’s unlikely. I have a potential job offer after I graduate, so maybe then I can get back on schedule. But for now, go eat something awesome.

This Past Week’s Groceries

I haven’t been making any new recipes because I haven’t had the time to cook a lot! I’ve been making really simple meals, or meals I already know. It’s unfortunate. But anyway, here’s the list (items not from U.O. in italics):

green cabbage
red chard
green leaf lettuce
yukon gold potatoes
mineola tangerines (yuuuum)
bartlett pears
red grapefruit
mini apple pie
cheddar cheese
chicken wings
green tea

Urban Organic (26.98) + other groceries (26.91) = $53.89
total left in $60 budget = $6.11

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