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Death of a Crab

I read an article yesterday in Diner Journal about Caroline Fidanza’s first experience killing a chicken. She talked about how she felt “the chicken was in good hands because she was in my hands.” She later reflects “when you realize what it’s like to really see the animal as a whole, it changes everything back to the way things are supposed to be.” I thought about this today while I cooked a live crab.

Cooking a live crab is by no means anywhere close to the difficulty of killing a chicken. All I had to do was plop him into a pot of boiling water. That, however, does not mean it was easy for me. I had to call my dad to make sure I did it right. He told me to grab the crab from behind, submerge the crab in the water head first, push him down with a wooden spoon, and then cover with the lid. Since I don’t have rubber gloves and I’m a whimp, I wanted to do it with tongs.

To make a longer story shorter, I ended up dumping the crab out of the bag into the pot of boiling water, made a splash, and the crab didn’t entirely make it in at first, but all of its inanimate legs quickly fell into the pot and I put the lid on top. At first it made me jump and I was a little scared. Once I pushed the crab into the pot and covered it with a lid, I felt quite proud of myself. Not because I had killed a living thing, but because I knew my dad and my grandpa would be really, really proud of me.

My grandpa loved cooking for me. Whenever I’d visit him, he’d spend the whole day cooking and then wait for me to arrive. (I don’t think we have proof of this, but I’m sure it happened.) Even though I was little, I remember him showing me how to cook. He was a great man, and I wish he were still alive to cook for me. I don’t think I appreciated how much he loved food, and how much he wanted me to love food.

Anyway, so tomorrow my friend and I are eating crab, roasted duck, pork buns, and noodles in black bean sauce. It’s my bachelorette party/gift/thing to her.


Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

Another crazy week! I officially graduated, and my man-friend from West Point was in town. I made him prosciutto-wrapped chicken, green beans, and baked potatoes, and it was fantastic to say the least. I was inspired by Diner Journal’s Poussin wrapped in Prosciutto recipe. I made it so simply, I won’t even insert a “more tag”:

chicken thighs
salt and pepper
**pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

1. Rub the chicken in salt and pepper. Yup.

2. Wrap the chicken in prosciutto. I used one piece per thigh, but do as you please.

3. Place chicken in greased pan and put a couple dollops of butter on each. You don’t have to add the butter, but why not?

4. Cook for 40 minutes-ish. I think that’s how long I cooked it. I usually guess and it turns out OK, but I always cut into the most average-sized piece to make sure it’s cooked.

Really not that difficult. But oh-so delicious.

Thai Iced Tea is the best

Thai iced tea is one of the most refreshing beverages out there. I decided to start brewing my own, and so I went on an adventure through Chinatown’s groceries. Eventually I found a Thai and Indonesian grocery store. This is a picture I took with my phone:

it's pretty small. be careful not to walk past it.

It’s on Bayard between Mott and Mulberry. You should go and talk with the little old man who wants to sell you his awesome sticky rice with bananas, and he’ll tell you about how many cups of tea you can make with one bag.

Carrot Cake and Tandoori-ish Chicken

This was a big week for me. I made Baking Bites’ lower fat carrot sheet cake and Smitten Kitchen’s maple cream cheese frosting, and then I made Diner Journal‘s Tandoori-ish chicken. So where to start…I think I’ll tell you the tandoori-ish chicken recipe, since you can (and should) visit Baking Bites and Smitten Kitchen for their recipes. Also, my friend Jakee came over to cook both of these things with me, which was a blast since we had just finished DINNER WITH DANGER.

She took some pictures, but I didn’t get them from her. So instead, I’m posting a screenshot of our website because you should really check it out.

don't you want to know how to make this guacamole?!

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Love Like Salt

Just a head’s up, I’m planning on making two exciting things: Baking Bites carrot cake and Diner Journal tandoori-ish chicken. So stay tuned. I also wanted to share this poem that I read in high school called Love Like Salt by Lisel Mueller:

It lies in our hands in crystals
too intricate to decipher

It goes into the skillet
without being given a second thought

It spills on the floor so fine
we step all over it

We carry a pinch behind each eyeball

It breaks out on our foreheads

We store it inside our bodies
in secret wineskins

At supper, we pass it around the table
talking of holidays and the sea.

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