You Can’t Go Wrong with Cheese and Avocado

I haven’t posted much recently because, as you know, I’m not cooking as often. Today, however, I made a scrumptious little caprese salad or whatever it’s called. I made it like so: tomato. avocado. mozzarella cheese. olive oil. pepper. salt. basil leaf. nom. I know it’s nothing that original or difficult, but look at it. Just look at it. It was so delicious. For those of you who aren’t from California, you need to eat avocados from California. You may think you know avocados, but you don’t.


So that’s all I wanted to share. Oh, and I guess I should say that I’ve decided to move to Atlanta. My man partner has been posted to Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, and so I’ve made the executive decision to go. I’m nervous, but it’ll be exciting, and hopefully I’ll have a bunch of foodventures to blog about!


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