Fish and Corn

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a while, but I really enjoyed this fish and corn recipe from Sensible Cooking. Really simple, really tasty, really quick!

i remembered to take a picture! yummy!

1. Coat fish in salt, pepper, and lime juice. The recipe suggests you mix the mixture and then coat the fish. I just saved a step.

2. Heat oil in pan and then cook fish. Pretty simple. I, as almost always, used tilapia, so I could it ~5 minutes on both sides. (it was thick.)

3. Remove fish from pan, add a little more oil, and then saute corn until they start to brown. Yum. I used frozen corn, so I microwaved it a bit and then sauteed it.

4. Add green pepper and seasoning, cook for a minute, and then add tomatoes. Or you could add them all at once. Whatever.

5. Put veggies and fish on plate. Eat it!

So tasty and so colorful!


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