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Pho #1 (Seriously) and Hi, Auntie Mei!

First, I’d like to say hello to my Auntie Mei. She’s always telling me about the awesome food she’s cooking, and I’m excited to get her recipe for jook! Yummm.

Anyway, last week I finally made it out to Buford Highway where there are tons of Asian restaurants and markets! It was really exciting. I almost peed myself when my boyfriend and I walked into Pho #1. I ordered a large bowl of pho with flank steak, eye of round, and soft tendon, and a thai iced tea with tapioca pearls. It was heaven. I was only disappointed in two things. First, the bean sprouts were kind of sad-looking, but I’m guessing it’s not easy to find fresh bean sprouts in Atlanta. Second, I didn’t get as much tendon as I wanted, but that could be for any number of reasons.

so so so so delicious. it's like a bowl of happiness with a side of awesome.

After lunch we went to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. I’ve learned that farmer’s markets here are not the same as the ones in California. Why? Because they’re basically big grocery emporiums and not actually markets for local farmers to showcase their products. Regardless, it was an awesome time. And for next week, I bought pho buillion cubes, pho noodles, eye of round, and tendon. That’s right: I will attempt to make pho. Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlemen.


Brunswick Stew

Even though I messed up the recipe a little, it was still ridiculously delicious. It’s the first time I regret cutting the recipe in half because I wish I had more. (Usually I only make enough of a recipe for 2 or 4 servings.) Really easy. So delicious. I chose this recipe from because the title – “Get a Husband Brunswick Stew” – is just silly. Apparently it’s mostly a Georgian thing, since no other Southerners I’ve met know what it is. Wikipedia says it’s also a North Carolina thing, but I’m not sure. I don’t like any of the pictures I took, but here’s a picture of me and what I’ve been up to:

Drinking, baking, crocheting. That's pretty much it.

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Recipe Exchange: Beef Stroganoff and Squash Stew

December was a busy month for all of us, I’m sure. I made two recipes from my recipe exchange: beef stroganoff and a squash, chickpea and lentil stew. The beef stroganoff was delicious, but today I want to blog about the stew. I promise you I did indeed take a picture, but it was with my phone, and looking at it now it’s just not worth posting. Instead, I’ll post a picture of the delicious chicken & rice I had while visiting NYC for new year’s:

chicken & rice. SE corner of 53rd and 6th. it's the same guys as on the SW corner.

I also made a beer brined pork loin from Chili Cheese Fries for my manfriend when he came to visit. It was a-mazing. I’m always afraid of drying out pork, but this was juicy and perfect. I cooked it in the oven, but I definitely want to try grilling when it’s warmer! Tomorrow I’m going to make this recipe for Brunswick Stew, a traditional dish from Georgia (with German roots?). I also think that “Get a Husband” is a ridiculously silly title for it. I will definitely take a picture of it, but I can’t promise I’ll post about it this week. I’ll try!

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