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Beer Brined Pork Loin

I thought I had posted this before, but…I didn’t. I had made this Beer Brined Pork Loin recipe from Chili Cheese Fries for my man partner a while ago, and it was delicious. I made it again last week, but, of course, I ate it all without taking any pictures. So here’s a picture of the girl scout cookies I bought today!

samoas and thin mints. you really can't go wrong.

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Jook: Chinese Porridge

Kudos to my Auntie Mei for helping me with this. I really had no idea how to start. The recipe she sent me was:

1 1/4 cup rice
3qt chicken stock
2 green onions
1-2 slices ginger for taste (isn’t it always for taste?)

Of course, since it’s jook, I can pretty much do whatever I want. so this is what I did…

my jook! it looks like it's smiling at me (kind of retardedly)! so proud of myself.

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Cooking Asian Food is Hard

Let’s be honest: one of the main reasons Asian food tastes so delicious is because they add MSG to it. Another reason is probably because every restaurant has a family recipe or a certain way of making things. That’s how I feel about pho restaurants. Almost every place I’ve been to has had a unique broth, which can make all the difference. And those are the reasons why I didn’t enjoy my own pho. I bought a standard pho buillion, but of course it’s nothing like the restaurants. Sure, it smells the same for the most part, but there was just so much flavor missing from it all.

these are all my pots: tendon, noodles, and broth. insane.

I’m not going to include my recipe because it will vary depending on the ingredients you use. (Plus, the noodles and the buillion came with directions.) The only thing that I really learned was how to cook soft tendon: boil it for 2 hours, then cut it up. Considering how soft and chewy and delicious it is in the soup, it takes a long time for it to get that soft (that’s what she said?).

my lunar new year dinner: custard dumplings, rice and chinese sausage, and thai iced tea with pearls. YUUUUM!

Anyway, instead I’ve decided to share with you the two almond cookie recipes I tried for the Chinese Lunar New Year. I’m also not going to post these recipes because they’re slightly different. Ultimately I’ve learned that, as much as I love Asian food and embrace my Chinese heritage, I will never be able to cook as well as my grandfather did. I wish I had a picture of him to share with you. He was such a big, happy man who was always so excited to cook for me. I have a fuzzy memory of being in his kitchen while he was cooking, and he showed me what he was doing. My dad tells me that, when he knew we were coming to visit, he would cook a ton of food and just wait for us to arrive. Whether or not he actually did, I can completely imagine it being true.

I’d like to think that Grandpa watches me and cooks with me and is proud of me for eating and cooking all that I can.

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