Jook: Chinese Porridge

Kudos to my Auntie Mei for helping me with this. I really had no idea how to start. The recipe she sent me was:

1 1/4 cup rice
3qt chicken stock
2 green onions
1-2 slices ginger for taste (isn’t it always for taste?)

Of course, since it’s jook, I can pretty much do whatever I want. so this is what I did…

my jook! it looks like it's smiling at me (kind of retardedly)! so proud of myself.


~3 cups of rice
3qt chicken broth
3qt fresh chicken stock (I just boiled some chicken bones for a while)
3 Chinese sausage
1 green onion
leftover chicken (from the bones I used for the stock)
white pepper, ground ginger, soy sauce, brown rice vinegar, butter

1. Bring chicken broth/stock to a boil. I boiled the broth that I bought, and then I boiled 3 quarts of water with the chicken bones I saved. I also added some chicken juices that had gelatinized in my ziploc container. Pretty simple.

2. Add rice to boiling broth/stock. I used leftover rice that was in my rice cooker, and I also added some uncooked rice.

3. Add other stuff and cook for 2 hours, stirring frequently. Ultimately, this recipe is yours. I added the leftover chicken in the beginning, then Chinese sausage when I felt like it, then later the green onion, and I added the spices ~1/2 hour before eating. I also added a sliver of butter because butter is awesome.

Do as you please. Make it your own, and therefore delicious.


1 Response to “Jook: Chinese Porridge”

  1. 1 cptsoaplady February 10, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Reminds me of my own cooking. You use what is on hand, add what you like and what you think taste good together. And you always end up with dish that everyone raves about.

    Your dish sounds tasty. Keep up the experiments.

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