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Koshary and I have gas!

Hi kids. I’m so sorry for not updating sooner. I did, in fact, get my gas turned on a couple weeks ago. I made some AWESOME meatballs to celebrate, but the recipe I really want to share with you is the koshary recipe my friend Laya gave me. Koshary is a common dish served throughout Egypt (at least the area around Cairo). There are stands/restaurants/joints/places that serve just koshary. It’s just so freakin’ delicious and so bad for you…but so freakin’ delicious.

I just looked it up on Wikipedia to see if I was accurate in my statements (that’s right, I looked up Wikipedia to verify the truthiness of my statement), and it says that it’s a national dish that likely reflects the meatless diet of Coptic Christians during Lent. The funny thing about it is that, although Copts are most closely related to the ethnic Egyptians we all think of, most of Egypt is Arab. So there’s your history lesson for today. Here’s a picture of koshary:

koshary RULES! you may not be able to tell how delicious it is, is.

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Day 10 of No Gas


The reason I haven’t updated my blog is because I have had no gas in my house for 10 days. It’s a really long and aggrevating story, so let’s just say it really sucks not having hot water, a stove, an oven, or heat. And I won’t be getting gas until Tuesday (again, a really long, frustrating story). I promise to tell you all about it as soon as I feel I can look back on this and laugh.

Now is not that time.

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