Vietnamese-style Beef with Lime

I love Vietnamese food, in case you hadn’t already noticed. So when I found this delicious, simple recipe on the Noble Pig blog, I couldn’t resist. But, as usual, i forgot to take a picture of it. Also…I need to use my good camera, instead of the one on my phone when I photograph my food. But I realized I hadn’t updated you on my green beans! I re-planted them in the ground since I started growing them in pots. They’re starting to flower!

green beans! sooo excited!

And I wanted to share this amazing photograph of an amazing box of amazing mangoes. It seems that most people don’t know of Ataulfo and smaller mangoes, instead of the large colorful mangoes. I got it for $8.99 at the Buford Highway Farmers Market. My manfriend was baffled yet not surprised that I got it.

so many mangoes!

Anyway, onto the recipe…

1. In one bowl, combine soy sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, and salt, and in another, combine garlic, oil, and pepper. I forgot to buy garlic, so I didn’t do that second part, though I’m sure it really adds to the dish. And I forgot to get fish sauce, but I think it’s ok.

2. After seasoning beef with salt and pepper, heat olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat. I used a London broil instead of beef tenderloin because it was cheaper. I thought I’d have to use a dutch oven-type pot/pan, but it cooked fine in a skillet.

3. Brown beef in skillet, then set aside in a bowl. I don’t like my meat too cooked, so I just barely browned the outside of the pieces of meat.

4. Cook onion in skillet until soft, then add garlic mixture, beef, then soy sauce mixture to the pan until sauce thickens slightly. I quickly realized after adding all the onions that it wouldn’t all fit in my skillet, so I heated up my wok and mixed everything into it. I also couldn’t get my sauce to thicken like in the pictures, but it may be because I didn’t really measure all my sauce ingredients.

5. Serve with crushed peanuts and green onions. I used almonds since I’m allergic to peanuts, but I bet it would also be tasty with cashews.



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