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Who Cares About Processed Foods?

I just saw a commercial for French’s onion sticks or something like that. They provided a recipe involving the following steps:

1. Crush the French’s onion fries in a ziploc bag with a rolling pin.
2. Coat chicken breasts in egg yolk.
3. Bread chicken breasts in crushed French’s onion fries and bake.

I know a lot of people are about fresh food, non-processed things, and healthy cooking, but that’s not how I feel. In case you didn’t already know, my philosophy is this: the most important thing is that you cook and create your own meals. I don’t care if you use French’s onion fries, which are high in sodium, or if you use lots of cheese in your mac n’ cheese (like I did). What matters is that you’re proud not only to eat what you’ve cooked, but to share it with the ones you love. That’s what’s up.

**Also, I just realized that I didn’t post the mac n’ cheese recipe I made. I guess that means I’ll have to make it again…


Change Up the Pace

I realize that this blog is about food and the awesomeness of living cheap and eating well. But right now, I’m going to change it up a little. I’m going to talk about nutrition as it pertains to health. And we’re actually going to go a bit broader here – we’re going to talk about the pharmaceutical companies and universal health care.

Over the past week, I’ve had a UTI and I haven’t been able to take a decent shit. So I’ve been drinking water, pure cranberry juice, pear juice, apple juice, green tea, and something my work calls a “Spinach Slam” (which is absolutely delicious – pineapple juice, spinach, and mangoes). I’m still in square one. Usually most of those things work for what I need them to do, but the fact that I still have this infection is bullshit.

All I need is a simple antibiotic – ciproflaxin – but because you can’t buy antibiotics without a prescription in the USA, i still have this stupid infection. (Somewhat ironically, I’m pretty sure cipro has the side effect of making you constipated.)  I don’t have a car, so getting to the hospital or emergency room is a huge ordeal, even if I had the time to go. I understand the risks of antibiotics, i.e. developing an immunity to them if taken too often. That’s why I rarely take them. UTIs are the only thing I can ever remember choosing to get antibiotics for.

Here’s the other thing that angers me: last night I saw an advertisement for a drug that treats “Ulcerative Colitis,” which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease. It occurs in less than 0.1% of the US population. Less than 0.1% of the population. So we’re pouring all these resources into developing a drug to treat less than 0.1% of the population, meanwhile at least one in five women is likely to get a UTI in her lifetime, and is the second most common type of infection? WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE?!

So my point is that you need to take care of yourself, regardless of what your budget is. Eating well will help you prevent health problems, big or small. Make it a priority to enjoy well-rounded meals and a healthy diet!

Adventure to Atlanta

So I arrived in Atlanta last Wednesday. It’s been quite an adventure, and I’m telling my story at the Cheapoair blog. Not only do they offer cheap airfares, but they also have this nifty blog where people tell their travel stories. This post will be going live on Wednesday, September 29th. So check it out!

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Toe, toe, toe-MAY-toe…and donuts

That’s how my tomato song goes (much like my potato song). I was singing it a lot today when I went to the farmers market to get ingredients for dinner. My mom’s partner and I decided to go to the market, find ingredients we like, and figure out a recipe to make. It’s fun stuff. For some reason I’ve recently had cravings for tomatoes, and there were tons and tons of them out today. And so many colors! I decided to buy some Japanese black tomatoes because they’re crazy looking.

look at all those tomatoes!

early girl tomatoes? i don't know what that means.

Also, before I went to the farmers market, we stopped at Psycho Donuts, where I got this crazy Feng Shui donut: green tea glaze, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar. I had a discussion a while back with some friends in NYC about donuts. Most people I know who aren’t from California claim Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kremes to be their favorite/the best donuts. There’s a donut place in the Lower East Side that my friend liked (Doughnut Plant?), and he’d always bring different donuts back for us to try. To me, they were nothing new – they were the way I’ve always known donuts to be.

it's triangular! at least before i took a bite out of it.

I grew up with a mom and pop donut shop in Newark, California, which always made their donuts big and fluffy and delicious. When I was in 5th or 6th grade, a Krispy Kreme opened in Union City, and people would wait for at least an hour to get donuts in the morning. When I finally saw one, I thought “Really? That’s it?” tried it, and I was just as disappointed – they’re dense, they’re way too sugary, and nothing like what a donut should be. In high school my friend and I would go to the Happy Donuts on El Camino Real at 2 A.M. because that’s when they had freshly chocolate glazed donuts. My friends told me that the only non-commercial donuts they’d ever had were from the grocery store.

So if you know of a small, independent donut shop, please go there instead of Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme. Have a real donut. Spread the wealth. Rid yourself of ignorance.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Cheese and Avocado

I haven’t posted much recently because, as you know, I’m not cooking as often. Today, however, I made a scrumptious little caprese salad or whatever it’s called. I made it like so: tomato. avocado. mozzarella cheese. olive oil. pepper. salt. basil leaf. nom. I know it’s nothing that original or difficult, but look at it. Just look at it. It was so delicious. For those of you who aren’t from California, you need to eat avocados from California. You may think you know avocados, but you don’t.


So that’s all I wanted to share. Oh, and I guess I should say that I’ve decided to move to Atlanta. My man partner has been posted to Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, and so I’ve made the executive decision to go. I’m nervous, but it’ll be exciting, and hopefully I’ll have a bunch of foodventures to blog about!

Last Meals: New Tu Do

Today was my last meal at New Tu Do, a pho restaurant on Bowery between Grand and Hester off the B, D (I’m really selling it here). That has one of the most personal stories of all the restaurants I have relationships with. (weird?)

my last bowl of pho in NYC! well, what's left of it anyway.

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StumbleUpon Me

When I’m browsing tons of recipes, I’ll usually “Like It!” on StumbleUpon, because then I can easily find the exact recipe I wanted to make on someone’s blog. I realized that maybe people would like to see all the recipes I like/make in one place. So check out my StumbleUpon favorites to look at almost all of the recipes I’ve made, wanted to make, or just found interesting.

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