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My Mostly Failed Garden

As you know, I’ve been trying to grow green beans since I’m basically addicted to them. After over 60 days of nurturing, they did not turn out so well. In fact, they were kind of disgusting. And I mostly blame one thing: the dirt. When I planted the seeds, I noticed the dirt wasn’t very dirt-like, but I didn’t know why. After the first big storm here, I went to water my plants and found that the dirt had completely hardened. It was like the earth was trying to suffocate my plants! As I explained my story to my manfriend’s parents, his mom nodded and said to me “Yeah, that Georgia clay.”

Clay. How can I possibly grow delicious and nutritious food in clay? Whenever I have time and money, I will build a garden box with good soil. The bugs were also an issue, but moreso with the sunflowers. They’ve been fighting to survive, and one has finally successfully blossomed!

this sunflower says "screw you, bugs! i do what i want!"

So those are my gardening adventures. I learned about the importance of dirt, and hope to make a beautiful garden full of yummy vegetables another time.


Recipe: Mushroom Mozarella Chicken

Since I started this blog, I’ve decided to try some different and new things. I also decided that, since I’m not working yet, I don’t have to make meals that can be easily transported. I got this recipe from Nibblous, another recipe sharing website. It doesn’t give details about prep time or number of servings, but it’s a new website, so…cut them some slack. It was a fantastic recipe.

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