Hi! If you’re here and you’ve already looked at Getting Started: Cookware, then you’re on the right track! Below are some cooking essentials that you’ll need to cook anything I post here. These are things I don’t list on my grocery lists (unless I run out), so I don’t want you to be caught without all the ingredients! Here are some staples you’ll need:

Olive oil. I don’t have a preference or recommendation of virgin, extra lite, extra lite virgin, or whatever other types of olive oil there are. I buy the cheapest, but you can do whatever you want.

Sugar and flour. I use them more in baking, but they’re kitchen essentials that people tend to forget about. I rarely cook meals with them, but I have a couple recipes that call for breading meat in flour. And you should have sugar. Just…always have it.

Pepper and salt. Again, kitchen essentials that you may forget on your first grocery list.

Spices. They tend to be expensive, but these are the ones I use the most: paprika, curry powder, ginger, and cinnamon. You don’t have to buy them all at once. I usually spread out my spice accquiring over a month’s worth of grocery shopping.

Butter. As you’ve heard Paula Deen and Julia Childs say, butter is essential and awesome. I don’t use it in all my cooking, but it’s good to have around. You’ll need it for sure to bake.

Cooking spray. You can use butter or olive oil to grease pots and pans, but I use cooking spray for cookie sheets and skillets. It’s easier, and butter can sometimes give your food a burnt taste or leave a burnt smell in your kitchen.

Again, if I find new essentials, I’ll post them here. And it may hurt your budget at first, but these ingredients really pay off. Good luck!


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