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Recipe Exchange

A few days ago I tweeted that I was making up a recipe. It didn’t really happen. I wanted to make some sort of curry with chickpeas over mashed yams, but…super fail. But whatever. I ate it, it was kind of tasty, and now I know not to do it again!

Last week a friend from college sent me an e-mail titled “Recipe Exchange.” It was a kind of chain letter – we were supposed to send a quick recipe to the person at the top of a list included in the email. Then we were to copy the text, create a new email, put the sender at the top of the list, and our own name at the bottom (there are only two names on the list: the sender and yours). Then we send the new email to 20 friends and wait to receive some recipes. Needless to say, the instructions are confusing, but if you successfully forward the message onward, you’ll get a few recipes back.

I’ve received 6 recipes so far, and this week I’ll be trying one. I’m kind of cheating though – it’s a variation on beef stroganoff, which is something I make pretty regularly. The next recipe, however, will probably the butternut squash soup recipe I received, so stay tuned!

I also apologize for not updating. I haven’t tried many note-worthy new recipes, so I haven’t bothered posting anything. But hopefully with the holidays here and these Recipe Exchange recipes I’ve been receiving, I’ll have something to report! If you’re interested in doing a recipe exchange with your friends and family, I’ve pasted the text after the jump! (I’ve also put my name in slot #1 in case you want to send it off…)

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life and Atlanta’s Cupcake Factory

So I’ve been busy, some involving food, some things not. Obviously Thanksgiving was a few days ago, but I’m sure you all have had your fill of recipes and such. I’m sorry I haven’t been attentive – this real world work stuff is exhausting. So let me update you really quickly about what’s been up in my world of food:

– The week before Thanksgiving I did a semi-raw food/vegetarian week. I modified a really awesome raw food recipe by Ani Phyo of shredded zucchini, roasted butternut squash, and avocado. It was amazing, and surprisingly filling. I’d post the recipe, but I can tell you in one sentence: mix shredded zucchini, sliced avocado, and cubed roasted butternut squash in bowl with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I had it with a co-worker’s left over pulled pork sandwich. She didn’t want it, and I can’t pass up free food:

pulled pork sandwich and raw food medley. the picture was taken with my phone, but i promise it was delicious!

– I made these dumplings last week for the Thanksgiving potluck I went to. They didn’t look nearly as amazing, but they still tasted good.

– This week I’m making a Persian stew by our friends at Nibblous. I will post that this week (hopefully).

And this past weekend was Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express (which is ironic because most small businesses don’t accept AmEx). So I went to Young Blood Gallery and Boutique to pick up some holiday cards, and I went to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory to have my first Atlanta cupcake. It’s smaller than the original Magnolia’s cupcakes, but whether or not they have fewer customers I’m honestly not sure. It was just one nice lady behind the counter with a small case of cupcakes. I wanted something different but also something standard, so I got a sweet potato bourbon and a red velvet.

red velvet on the left, sweet potato bourbon on the right. tasty all around.

The sweet potato bourbon cupcake was amazing. I licked the icing off my plate, my fingers, and the wrapper. The red velvet was also delicious, but the frosting was piled too high. Delicious as it may have been, I had trouble eating it. Not an elaborate review of the cupcakes, but the bottom line is that they were delicious. So go eat some.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

My mom and her partner keep buying bananas but letting them go brown. And since no one likes to eat brown bananas, I’ve decided to continue baking with them. I didn’t want to make a whole banana bread loaf again because I wanted to easily take some of my goodies to share. Thus, I searched for and found a recipe at Nami-Nami for Banana Muffins with Pecans. I didn’t have pecans, so I used chocolate chips instead, because you really can’t go wrong with chocolate chips.

My mom’s partner doesn’t like to have all these goodies laying around in plain sight, so she freezes it all. I thought the slices of my banana bread wouldn’t be good frozen and then thawed, but they’re really no different. So…good suggestion.

one last frozen slice of banana bread, and four banana chocolate chip muffins! noms.

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THE Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

For anyone who knows me personally, you know about the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. If I ever have a bakery, I think these will be the star of the show. By the time I finish baking all the dough, half of the cookies are already gone. I have to swat people away with spatulas, and when someone does get a hold of a freshly baked cookie, they burn their mouths on the molten hot cookie. But it doesn’t seem to matter to them, because they keep doing it.

Today is your lucky day, my friends. I am about to bestow this recipe upon your humble minds. Prepare yourself.

hello, we are the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. we will haunt your dreams. (maybe not.)

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Home Cooking, Minus the Cooking

Now that I’m home in Northern California, I don’t cook nearly as much (if ever). Either my parents cook for me, or they take me out. It’s nice not needing to cook for myself every day. Also, since my dad is now obsessed with buying cooking supplies and tools at used restaurant supply stores, I will inherit all his other cookware. Awesome? Indeed.

Yesterday, however, I was cooking up a storm. Well, mostly just baking. I made sugar cookies for my manfriend, since he’s all the way in Podunk, Kentucky (i.e. Fort Knox). I just got a bunch of cookie cutters for graduation, so I had to try them out. I used the recipe from my Cookies recipe book by Hilaire Walden, and this butter icing for sugar cookies recipe on I also made parchment cones for icing for the first time! I was very proud of myself. My best friend’s mom in preschool would always be decorating cookies with the parchment cones and sprinkles and colored sugar and those edible metallic-looking balls…ah, the memories.

So that’s what has been up. Maybe I’ll post a review of a local restaurant or something soon. Don’t count on it though – I’m pretty lazy.

My Farewell Brunch

I’m now back in Northern California with my manfriend/boyfriend/thing (who left Saturday), and I took him to La Victoria, in-N-out Burger, Pan Tao for real Chinese, Lee’s Sandwiches, a couple pho places, the Golden Dragon for dim sum, and Twist cafe. I promise I will tell you about them all at some point, but now I have to tell you all about my farewell brunch and how awesome it was. I made 3 dozen corn muffins, 2 bacon quiches, a 7-egg veggie scramble, and 2 frozen bags of tater tots for 16 people, in addition to fruit, iced coffee, and mimosas. There were 4 corn muffins left at the end, and a couple wounded soldiers of champagne. Needless to say I was a beast in the kitchen.

I’ve already posted my bacon quiche recipe, so I guess I’ll just post a couple pictures. The corn muffin recipe was from the back of the GOYA corn meal package. Really simple, really tasty, as usual. All in all it was a great way to say goodbye to (almost) everyone who had made my NYC experience amazing. I mean, you really can’t go wrong when you offer people free food. OH, that was the other thing: my friends brought me alcohol, fruit, juices, and a pie! So there was that, too.

i made all 3 dozen corn muffins the night before. so cute!

the quiche before i put it in the oven. less appetizing here, but sooo delicious.


Carrot Cake and Tandoori-ish Chicken

This was a big week for me. I made Baking Bites’ lower fat carrot sheet cake and Smitten Kitchen’s maple cream cheese frosting, and then I made Diner Journal‘s Tandoori-ish chicken. So where to start…I think I’ll tell you the tandoori-ish chicken recipe, since you can (and should) visit Baking Bites and Smitten Kitchen for their recipes. Also, my friend Jakee came over to cook both of these things with me, which was a blast since we had just finished DINNER WITH DANGER.

She took some pictures, but I didn’t get them from her. So instead, I’m posting a screenshot of our website because you should really check it out.

don't you want to know how to make this guacamole?!

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