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My Farewell Brunch

I’m now back in Northern California with my manfriend/boyfriend/thing (who left Saturday), and I took him to La Victoria, in-N-out Burger, Pan Tao for real Chinese, Lee’s Sandwiches, a couple pho places, the Golden Dragon for dim sum, and Twist cafe. I promise I will tell you about them all at some point, but now I have to tell you all about my farewell brunch and how awesome it was. I made 3 dozen corn muffins, 2 bacon quiches, a 7-egg veggie scramble, and 2 frozen bags of tater tots for 16 people, in addition to fruit, iced coffee, and mimosas. There were 4 corn muffins left at the end, and a couple wounded soldiers of champagne. Needless to say I was a beast in the kitchen.

I’ve already posted my bacon quiche recipe, so I guess I’ll just post a couple pictures. The corn muffin recipe was from the back of the GOYA corn meal package. Really simple, really tasty, as usual. All in all it was a great way to say goodbye to (almost) everyone who had made my NYC experience amazing. I mean, you really can’t go wrong when you offer people free food. OH, that was the other thing: my friends brought me alcohol, fruit, juices, and a pie! So there was that, too.

i made all 3 dozen corn muffins the night before. so cute!

the quiche before i put it in the oven. less appetizing here, but sooo delicious.



Budget? Groceries? Recipes? What?

FINALLY my thesis is hung, my family has left town, and now I can focus on other things to consume my life. I know I still haven’t posted my sarma recipe, but I’ll try. I promise. I just wanted to let anyone in NYC know that there is a fantastic brunch place called Forty-Fourth and Tenth in Hell’s Kitchen that is absolutely fabulous. I had the herb scrambled eggs, Vermont cheddar cheese grits, and sweet breakfast sausage and it was phenomenal. Plus, the staff is super nice and attentive. It opens at 11:30, and when I got there a little after noon, it was a 40 minute wait. Totally worth it.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend and I’ll try to keep you updated!

A Procrastinator’s Brunch: Success!

Today was my procrastinator’s brunch, which was exactly as it sounds: a bunch of students getting together to eat, play Wii, drink, and avoid work. Thankfully not everyone showed up, because I almost ran out of food! I made chocolate chip pancakes, home fries/potatoes, orange biscuits (kind of a fail), a vegetable scramble for lame vegetarians, and bacon quiche. I wish I had more pictures to post, but this was all I could photograph:

just a couple lonely chocolate chip pancakes left at the end of an epic brunch. but then they were eaten.

just a couple lonely chocolate chip pancakes left at the end of an epic brunch. but then they were eaten.

If you’re tired of doing work, I suggest you host an afternoon brunch. Everyone loves eating, especially after a night of partying and before they attempt to start doing work. I invited 84 people, and 16 people came (30 RSVP’ed yes). I’m glad, though, because I don’t know if I could’ve handled more. The recipe I’m posting from this is for the bacon quiche, because it’s so simple, and disappeared almost as soon as I put it out!

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My Brunch for Procrastinators

In the chaos that is my senior year, I decided a couple weeks ago that I would host a procrastinator’s brunch on October 11th. I had a couple reasons. First, I wanted to invite everyone in my class in the Photography & Imaging department because I don’t know most of them very well, and since it’s senior year, I thought it may be a nice gesture. Second, I love looking at recipes and baking to avoid work. And that’s what I’ve been doing today instead of homework. These are the recipes I’ve decided on so far:

– Orange biscuits. I found and made this recipe on the fly thanks to CookingByNumbers. They went over well, and since they’re so simple and delicious, I decided they’d work.
– Chocolate chip pancakes. Pancakes are, for the most part, universally liked. I would also say the same about chocolate chips.
– Shirred eggs. This is a recipe I have never made before. I had shirred eggs for the first time at Sonsie in Boston. My waiter described them as the Irish’s cure for a terrible hangover. Sounds perfect for a late brunch for college students.
– Bacon Quiche. My mom would make this for our first days of school and any other time she felt like it. Quite a treat, and super easy to make.

I’ll also have some fruit, other egg options, maybe toast, and maybe sausage or bacon. Suggestions?

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