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Cookware: Where to buy

If you’re really getting started – and I mean starting from scratch – I would say the hardest part is buying cookware. Luckily, it doesn’t have to drain your wallet of everything you have.

You can ask your parents for some spare cookware and utensils. While not all parents may have extra pots and pans lying around, they may help you shop for some. If you really show interest in cooking, your parents may get excited and want to buy you all the fun cooking gadgets and toys you could ever dream of. But let’s not get carried away – they’ll probably just throw some pans at you and say “good luck.”

I’m a big fan of cookware supply stores at shopping outlets. Le Gourmet Chef is the one I’ve been to, but just look up shopping outlets around you – I’m sure there will be at least one kitchen supply store.

Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and probably Wal-Mart have some cheap cookware. It’s affordable, but still good quality. I bought my pots and pans at the only store in the area that seemed to sell cooking supplies. It was a bit pricey, but if you’re living in the Village, I suggest the Broadway Panhandler.

You can also order online from these stores or Amazon, but you’d have to pay for shipping. Craigslist also works, but be careful with used tools, because some people are just weird and disgusting and don’t take care of their things.

Drug stores like Duane Reade and Rite Aid are good for essential tools. If you go to the bigger ones, they usually have things like vegetable peelers, spatulas, tongs, food catchers for drains, whisks, and other helpful tools. They’re not great quality, but as long as you don’t abuse them, they should last you at least through college.

Check out the Getting Started page to see what basic things you’ll need to…well, get started. Hope this helps!


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