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Inman Park Festival

Hi all. Once again, I apologize for not updating, but this time I really have nothing (food related) to update. I haven’t tried any new recipes because I’ve been moving to a new house. Now that I’m mostly settled in, next week I’ll be trying a whole chicken recipe from Biscuits n’ Such.

But if you really want some news from me, Diner Journal has published its Spring issue, and I would highly recommend that you buy it/subscribe to it.

Otherwise, if you’re in the Atlanta area, come see me in the Inman Park Parade this weekend! It’ll be awesome.


Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

Another crazy week! I officially graduated, and my man-friend from West Point was in town. I made him prosciutto-wrapped chicken, green beans, and baked potatoes, and it was fantastic to say the least. I was inspired by Diner Journal’s Poussin wrapped in Prosciutto recipe. I made it so simply, I won’t even insert a “more tag”:

chicken thighs
salt and pepper
**pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

1. Rub the chicken in salt and pepper. Yup.

2. Wrap the chicken in prosciutto. I used one piece per thigh, but do as you please.

3. Place chicken in greased pan and put a couple dollops of butter on each. You don’t have to add the butter, but why not?

4. Cook for 40 minutes-ish. I think that’s how long I cooked it. I usually guess and it turns out OK, but I always cut into the most average-sized piece to make sure it’s cooked.

Really not that difficult. But oh-so delicious.

Carrot Cake and Tandoori-ish Chicken

This was a big week for me. I made Baking Bites’ lower fat carrot sheet cake and Smitten Kitchen’s maple cream cheese frosting, and then I made Diner Journal‘s Tandoori-ish chicken. So where to start…I think I’ll tell you the tandoori-ish chicken recipe, since you can (and should) visit Baking Bites and Smitten Kitchen for their recipes. Also, my friend Jakee came over to cook both of these things with me, which was a blast since we had just finished DINNER WITH DANGER.

She took some pictures, but I didn’t get them from her. So instead, I’m posting a screenshot of our website because you should really check it out.

don't you want to know how to make this guacamole?!

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So Close and Yet So Far

It’s finals week, which means I’m getting more stressed out and less concerned with cooking fun, tasty, and healthy meals. I’ve been buying chicken wings every week so that I can at least make two solid meals. I’m hoping that once school is over and I’m working part-time for the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, I can get back on track.

Meanwhile, I just got my Spring edition of Diner Journal, the Poultry Special Edition! It’s just pages of recipes for chicken, turkey, and duck of all different cuisines (The last one was all about wine). I’M SO EXCITED. Its production, its art, its layout, its stories, its recipes…I love it all. It’s hole-punched and they include a small measurement converter card. It may seem pretentious, but I think Diner Journal an accessible, humble quarterly magazine produced by Marlow & Sons. For $36 you get 4 issues a year, I say subscribe right now.

Like, right now.

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