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life and Atlanta’s Cupcake Factory

So I’ve been busy, some involving food, some things not. Obviously Thanksgiving was a few days ago, but I’m sure you all have had your fill of recipes and such. I’m sorry I haven’t been attentive – this real world work stuff is exhausting. So let me update you really quickly about what’s been up in my world of food:

– The week before Thanksgiving I did a semi-raw food/vegetarian week. I modified a really awesome raw food recipe by Ani Phyo of shredded zucchini, roasted butternut squash, and avocado. It was amazing, and surprisingly filling. I’d post the recipe, but I can tell you in one sentence: mix shredded zucchini, sliced avocado, and cubed roasted butternut squash in bowl with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I had it with a co-worker’s left over pulled pork sandwich. She didn’t want it, and I can’t pass up free food:

pulled pork sandwich and raw food medley. the picture was taken with my phone, but i promise it was delicious!

– I made these dumplings last week for the Thanksgiving potluck I went to. They didn’t look nearly as amazing, but they still tasted good.

– This week I’m making a Persian stew by our friends at Nibblous. I will post that this week (hopefully).

And this past weekend was Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express (which is ironic because most small businesses don’t accept AmEx). So I went to Young Blood Gallery and Boutique to pick up some holiday cards, and I went to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory to have my first Atlanta cupcake. It’s smaller than the original Magnolia’s cupcakes, but whether or not they have fewer customers I’m honestly not sure. It was just one nice lady behind the counter with a small case of cupcakes. I wanted something different but also something standard, so I got a sweet potato bourbon and a red velvet.

red velvet on the left, sweet potato bourbon on the right. tasty all around.

The sweet potato bourbon cupcake was amazing. I licked the icing off my plate, my fingers, and the wrapper. The red velvet was also delicious, but the frosting was piled too high. Delicious as it may have been, I had trouble eating it. Not an elaborate review of the cupcakes, but the bottom line is that they were delicious. So go eat some.


Last Meals: Corner Bistro and Joe Shanghai

On Tuesday I went to Corner Bistro (followed by a visit to the Cubbyhole Bar), and on Friday I went to Joe Shanghai, and yesterday I had a fabulous farewell brunch. It’s been an amazing week of debauchery. I’ll start with the restaurants, and then I’ll tell you about the brunch in a separate post.

Again, I have no pictures because I ate everything too quickly and with friends. Sorry. But I’ll have a picture or two of the brunch!

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Sorry I didn’t post a grocery list this week. I would’ve posted it today, but Urban Organic already updated their list and they didn’t include a newsletter in my box. But here’s the recipe for the momos I made this week! It was so much fun, but took forever. My little steamer only fit 6 dumplings at a time. And she says they’re Nepalese dumplings, but I actually first heard of momos in a Mediterranean restaurant. Weird.

Note: I went out and spent my Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards to buy a steamer, a pastry mat (I got mine for $7), and baby tongs. You’ll need the steamer, a pastry mat, and a rolling pin to make these.

THEY'RE SO CUTE! also, the color scheme of the plate matches my apron. awesome.

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