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Shabu Shabu fail

Last week there was a crazy storm in Atlanta, which took out my power for almost 3 days. I wanted to make this beef shabu shabu recipe, but in addition to the fact that I didn’t have all the right ingredients, I couldn’t really make it because I didn’t have internet. I could’ve written it down at work before I came home, but I forgot. I tried to make it from memory (I only read the recipe a couple times), but it just didn’t work. I’ll definitely try it again – hopefully the next time I go to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market so I can get shabu shabu and thai basil.

This week I’ve decided to try a Two Day Detox again, but this time with a vegetable-based juice. It’s called pH Solution: cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon, and distilled water. I’m still a bit skeptical, but so many people have been coming to Arden’s Garden asking about the TDD that I feel I should give it another try. Also, I made jook again this week since I had a bunch of leftover stuff from last week. That’s the downside of cooking for yourself: all the yummy meat and produce you buy will go bad if your electricity goes out.

Wish me luck!


Cooking Asian Food is Hard

Let’s be honest: one of the main reasons Asian food tastes so delicious is because they add MSG to it. Another reason is probably because every restaurant has a family recipe or a certain way of making things. That’s how I feel about pho restaurants. Almost every place I’ve been to has had a unique broth, which can make all the difference. And those are the reasons why I didn’t enjoy my own pho. I bought a standard pho buillion, but of course it’s nothing like the restaurants. Sure, it smells the same for the most part, but there was just so much flavor missing from it all.

these are all my pots: tendon, noodles, and broth. insane.

I’m not going to include my recipe because it will vary depending on the ingredients you use. (Plus, the noodles and the buillion came with directions.) The only thing that I really learned was how to cook soft tendon: boil it for 2 hours, then cut it up. Considering how soft and chewy and delicious it is in the soup, it takes a long time for it to get that soft (that’s what she said?).

my lunar new year dinner: custard dumplings, rice and chinese sausage, and thai iced tea with pearls. YUUUUM!

Anyway, instead I’ve decided to share with you the two almond cookie recipes I tried for the Chinese Lunar New Year. I’m also not going to post these recipes because they’re slightly different. Ultimately I’ve learned that, as much as I love Asian food and embrace my Chinese heritage, I will never be able to cook as well as my grandfather did. I wish I had a picture of him to share with you. He was such a big, happy man who was always so excited to cook for me. I have a fuzzy memory of being in his kitchen while he was cooking, and he showed me what he was doing. My dad tells me that, when he knew we were coming to visit, he would cook a ton of food and just wait for us to arrive. Whether or not he actually did, I can completely imagine it being true.

I’d like to think that Grandpa watches me and cooks with me and is proud of me for eating and cooking all that I can.

Recipe Exchange

A few days ago I tweeted that I was making up a recipe. It didn’t really happen. I wanted to make some sort of curry with chickpeas over mashed yams, but…super fail. But whatever. I ate it, it was kind of tasty, and now I know not to do it again!

Last week a friend from college sent me an e-mail titled “Recipe Exchange.” It was a kind of chain letter – we were supposed to send a quick recipe to the person at the top of a list included in the email. Then we were to copy the text, create a new email, put the sender at the top of the list, and our own name at the bottom (there are only two names on the list: the sender and yours). Then we send the new email to 20 friends and wait to receive some recipes. Needless to say, the instructions are confusing, but if you successfully forward the message onward, you’ll get a few recipes back.

I’ve received 6 recipes so far, and this week I’ll be trying one. I’m kind of cheating though – it’s a variation on beef stroganoff, which is something I make pretty regularly. The next recipe, however, will probably the butternut squash soup recipe I received, so stay tuned!

I also apologize for not updating. I haven’t tried many note-worthy new recipes, so I haven’t bothered posting anything. But hopefully with the holidays here and these Recipe Exchange recipes I’ve been receiving, I’ll have something to report! If you’re interested in doing a recipe exchange with your friends and family, I’ve pasted the text after the jump! (I’ve also put my name in slot #1 in case you want to send it off…)

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I just finished working a project with a friend called DINNER WITH DANGER. It’s supposed to be the story of a college girl who lives on a college budget and tries to cook for herself after crazy nights of partying. Not exactly the story of my life, but kind of close. You should all check it out – I did the flash animations, and my girl Jakee did everything else. Make sure you visit Jakee’s home site too!

Dinner with Danger!

Baingun Ka Bhurta – unsuccessful indeed

I’ve tried making a recipe from PakiRecipes before, and I had a similar conclusion: I failed. Partly because I misread the directions, and partly because I don’t think there are enough directions. I should’ve just looked back at that post, because I pretty much have the same things to say about this recipe.

i wish eggplant were more flavorful. it looks so interesting.

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Eating is a Great Way to Procrastinate

This past week has been difficult in terms of my meals because Urban Organic forgot my tofu. As a result, I haven’t had any protein to base my meals around, and therefore I feel quite lost. But they deliver a new box tomorrow, which I’m really excited about. They also sent me a nice email to apologize, and they told me my account would be credited.

Two of my roommates have decided to jump on board, so we’re getting the original value box for $34.99! This week they’re including beets, and we all know what that means, right? BORSCHT! My mom has an awesome recipe that I plan to make this week.

And speaking of recipes, I apologize for not posting one from last week. I tried to make this recipe from PakiRecipes, but I had some trouble. My biggest problem was with the way the recipe was written. I wasn’t sure about the cooking times, or how much of each ingredient I needed. It didn’t turn out at all like I thought it was supposed to. Maybe next time I’ll try a recipe with measurements and clearer directions!

That’s all for now. Now go celebrate National Pecan Cookie Day!

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