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Recipe Exchange

A few days ago I tweeted that I was making up a recipe. It didn’t really happen. I wanted to make some sort of curry with chickpeas over mashed yams, but…super fail. But whatever. I ate it, it was kind of tasty, and now I know not to do it again!

Last week a friend from college sent me an e-mail titled “Recipe Exchange.” It was a kind of chain letter – we were supposed to send a quick recipe to the person at the top of a list included in the email. Then we were to copy the text, create a new email, put the sender at the top of the list, and our own name at the bottom (there are only two names on the list: the sender and yours). Then we send the new email to 20 friends and wait to receive some recipes. Needless to say, the instructions are confusing, but if you successfully forward the message onward, you’ll get a few recipes back.

I’ve received 6 recipes so far, and this week I’ll be trying one. I’m kind of cheating though – it’s a variation on beef stroganoff, which is something I make pretty regularly. The next recipe, however, will probably the butternut squash soup recipe I received, so stay tuned!

I also apologize for not updating. I haven’t tried many note-worthy new recipes, so I haven’t bothered posting anything. But hopefully with the holidays here and these Recipe Exchange recipes I’ve been receiving, I’ll have something to report! If you’re interested in doing a recipe exchange with your friends and family, I’ve pasted the text after the jump! (I’ve also put my name in slot #1 in case you want to send it off…)

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Holiday Craze

SO sorry I haven’t been keeping up. These past couple weeks have been finals, and as a result, it’s been difficult for me to cook on a regular basis. But that’s an obstacle of being a student chef, right? To be honest, I can’t imagine how real working people – i.e. mothers – manage to do all the things they do and still cook a good meal for their families.

I had a thought the other day for a healthy meal program for low-income families. I know there are a lot out there, and maybe this idea already exists. Regardless, I was thinking about how this blog works: I tell you my budget, and I show you what I can do with it. I would want to take a family’s budget, sit down with them to create a grocery list or a meal plan, and then help them cook. Of course, the program would be flexible and a family could ask for one meal per week instead of a whole week’s worth.

Ultimately I would want it to cater to the family’s needs and availability. I wouldn’t want to force a family to sit down to a dinner if they didn’t have time or didn’t want it. If the family does want more structure, the program could provide that. And I wouldn’t want to charge extra. I would want to show the families how to work within their budget.

I have it all outlined in a notebook somewhere, but I’m too lazy to find it. I just need to go home and let my brain chill the fuck out.

This Week’s Groceries

This will be an interesting week – may or may not be like yours. Since Thanksgiving is this Thursday, that usually means college students aren’t cooking for themselves. Either we go home, we spend the holiday with family friends, we go out with friends, or we just don’t do anything. My room mate’s parents are staying with us, which means they not only are supplying us with a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods, but they are also cleaning and rearranging our apartment. Cool? I think so.

I did, however, still go grocery shopping. I’ll be making my bacon quiche Thanksgiving morning for breakfast, and then I’ll attempt to bake this fantastic blueberry crumb bar recipe I found on Smitten Kitchen. Also, I still need groceries for meals in case there aren’t enough leftovers. So here’s the list (items not from U.O. in italics):

green beans
green leaf lettuce
baby carrots
garnet yams
russet potatoes
yellow onions
hamlin oranges
red delicious apple
black bean sauce
chick peas
corn starch
cream of mushroom soup
ground beef

Urban Organic ($26.98) + other groceries ($42.96) = $69.94
total left in budget = $0.49 (bought dinner on Monday)

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