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My Farewell Brunch

I’m now back in Northern California with my manfriend/boyfriend/thing (who left Saturday), and I took him to La Victoria, in-N-out Burger, Pan Tao for real Chinese, Lee’s Sandwiches, a couple pho places, the Golden Dragon for dim sum, and Twist cafe. I promise I will tell you about them all at some point, but now I have to tell you all about my farewell brunch and how awesome it was. I made 3 dozen corn muffins, 2 bacon quiches, a 7-egg veggie scramble, and 2 frozen bags of tater tots for 16 people, in addition to fruit, iced coffee, and mimosas. There were 4 corn muffins left at the end, and a couple wounded soldiers of champagne. Needless to say I was a beast in the kitchen.

I’ve already posted my bacon quiche recipe, so I guess I’ll just post a couple pictures. The corn muffin recipe was from the back of the GOYA corn meal package. Really simple, really tasty, as usual. All in all it was a great way to say goodbye to (almost) everyone who had made my NYC experience amazing. I mean, you really can’t go wrong when you offer people free food. OH, that was the other thing: my friends brought me alcohol, fruit, juices, and a pie! So there was that, too.

i made all 3 dozen corn muffins the night before. so cute!

the quiche before i put it in the oven. less appetizing here, but sooo delicious.




I’m finally posting the sarma recipe! Again, it was too tasty for me to take a picture. Can’t have everything though.

1 lb hamburger
1 head cabbage
2/3 cup raw white rice
1 egg
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 cans cream of tomato soup (I think I used three)
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 onion
6 celery stalks

See? Not so scary. Now, onto the recipe…
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This Week’s Groceries

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m making borscht tomorrow! Also, I just realized I never posted the recipe I used for sarma! So although I’ll be making my mom’s borscht this week, I’ll try to remember to post the sarma recipe later. I also plan on baking a red velvet cake this week for Valentine’s day, so…I’ll be pretty busy, in addition to getting ready for my Thesis Exhibition!!! Anyway, here’s the grocery list for this week (items not from Urban Organic are in italics):

bunch beets (I ordered an extra portion)
red leaf lettuce
roma tomatoes
russet potatoes
bosc pears
valencia oranges
granny smith apples
**I was supposed to receive a red grapefruit as well, but I’m guessing they ran out?
cream cheese
chicken broth
powdered sugar
white vinegar
red cabbage
short ribs

Urban Organic ($29.47) + other groceries ($20.28) = $49.75
total left in budget: $30.25

A Procrastinator’s Brunch: Success!

Today was my procrastinator’s brunch, which was exactly as it sounds: a bunch of students getting together to eat, play Wii, drink, and avoid work. Thankfully not everyone showed up, because I almost ran out of food! I made chocolate chip pancakes, home fries/potatoes, orange biscuits (kind of a fail), a vegetable scramble for lame vegetarians, and bacon quiche. I wish I had more pictures to post, but this was all I could photograph:

just a couple lonely chocolate chip pancakes left at the end of an epic brunch. but then they were eaten.

just a couple lonely chocolate chip pancakes left at the end of an epic brunch. but then they were eaten.

If you’re tired of doing work, I suggest you host an afternoon brunch. Everyone loves eating, especially after a night of partying and before they attempt to start doing work. I invited 84 people, and 16 people came (30 RSVP’ed yes). I’m glad, though, because I don’t know if I could’ve handled more. The recipe I’m posting from this is for the bacon quiche, because it’s so simple, and disappeared almost as soon as I put it out!

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My Brunch for Procrastinators

In the chaos that is my senior year, I decided a couple weeks ago that I would host a procrastinator’s brunch on October 11th. I had a couple reasons. First, I wanted to invite everyone in my class in the Photography & Imaging department because I don’t know most of them very well, and since it’s senior year, I thought it may be a nice gesture. Second, I love looking at recipes and baking to avoid work. And that’s what I’ve been doing today instead of homework. These are the recipes I’ve decided on so far:

– Orange biscuits. I found and made this recipe on the fly thanks to CookingByNumbers. They went over well, and since they’re so simple and delicious, I decided they’d work.
– Chocolate chip pancakes. Pancakes are, for the most part, universally liked. I would also say the same about chocolate chips.
– Shirred eggs. This is a recipe I have never made before. I had shirred eggs for the first time at Sonsie in Boston. My waiter described them as the Irish’s cure for a terrible hangover. Sounds perfect for a late brunch for college students.
– Bacon Quiche. My mom would make this for our first days of school and any other time she felt like it. Quite a treat, and super easy to make.

I’ll also have some fruit, other egg options, maybe toast, and maybe sausage or bacon. Suggestions?

Country Borscht Stew

I had to call my mom a couple times to double-check the recipe, but I did it! I also messed up a couple things, but it was still fantastic (if I do say so myself). I had some friends over for dinner to try it as well. Apparently they had never eaten beets before, and they enjoyed it. So while it’s a lot of time and effort, it’s not terribly expensive, and it makes around 6 servings. It freezes and keeps well, so it’s good for leftovers too. It’s really not difficult, I promise.

We were so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture. But apparently Michael Scott has something to say about it.

We were so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture. But apparently Michael Scott has something to say about it.

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Buttermilk Pecan Chicken

This week I made my mom’s buttermilk pecan chicken recipe (I don’t know where she got it from). It’s really simple, I promise.

1/3 cup crushed pecans, 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup buttermilk, 2 chicken breasts...yum

1/3 cup crushed pecans, 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup buttermilk, 2 chicken breasts...yum

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