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Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash

This (past) week I returned to a favorite recipe site: Recipezaar. I also received an acorn squash in my Urban Organic vegetable box, and wanted a recipe that wasn’t meat-based. So…I came upon this! I made a couple adjustments, however. First, I used a brown rice pilaf instead because the grocery store I went to didn’t have wild rice. Second, I didn’t use celery, pecans, or a couple of the spices. The pecans would’ve been such a great addition, but I was cheap. I also didn’t get a picture of it because it was so tasty, so here’s a picture of me drinking coffee with a gecko…hanging from my ceiling. (It was for my new year’s party…?)

if you watch BSG, then you'll understand the mug. if you don't watch BSG, then...go watch it.

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This Week’s Groceries

It’s becoming stew/soup season, so I think I’m going to make an Irish stew that I found on Recipezaar after being inspired by the “intermediate” recipe on YumSugar. I decided not to post my fish recipe from last week because not only did it fail, but I’m just too busy. It also wasn’t that difficult and was remarkably similar to the other one I made. So anyway, here’s my list (groceries not from U.O. in italics):

local collards
red leaf lettuce
garnet yams
russet potato
navel oranges
bartlett pears
golden delicious apples
sour cream
chicken broth (though I guess I should’ve gotten beef?)
lamb neck
shredded cheddar

Urban Organic ($26.98) + other groceries ($25.19) = $52.17
total left in budget = $20.39 (bought lunch on Monday)

Buttermilk Pecan Pancakes and More

Today my roommates and I were supposed to have brunch, but they woke up really late. I, however, still had leftover buttermilk from the buttermilk pecan chicken recipe, and decided to make buttermilk pecan pancakes anyway. I used this recipe from Recipezaar, and I really liked it. Just a head’s up: if you’re not used to pancakes from scratch, they may seem a little bland. When I tasted one before serving them, I felt like there wasn’t enough salt. But here in the U.S., we tend to over salt things. I added maybe a pinch more salt to the batter and they were deeelicious. Also, my room mate added honey to his, which I’ve never done before. Very tasty.

And in addition to my SENIOR YEAR starting tomorrow (woo hoo!), Urban Organic will deliver my first vegetable box! They called me this afternoon to confirm my order and asked if I had any other special requests. They say they deliver between 2 and 6pm, and 6:30 and 10pm. In their application, they ask for instructions in case I am not at my apartment. I have a class until 4:45, but I didn’t specify that they should deliver in the second shift. I specified that they should leave the food with the doorman if I’m unavailable, so if they deliver before I return, hopefully everything will run smoothly.

Tomorrow I’ll go grocery shopping for additional ingredients like meat and OJ, and I’ll post the final costs and grocery list. Now…back to watching The Colony on the Discovery Channel website!

A Beef Curry Gone Awry

I wanted to make a Thai curry recipe from Recipezaar, but I couldn’t find curry paste or fish sauce at the grocery store (screw you, Gristedes, for not having a wide variety of foods). Instead I added more curry powder and oyster sauce. Not the best decision. Still edible, but not nearly as tasty as I wanted. I had made this fool-proof basic curry recipe before, but trying to combine techniques with…it just didn’t work, okay?

Oyster sauce, onion, chicken broth, coconut milk, corn kernels, mushrooms, beef. And curry powder in the corner.

Oyster sauce, onion, chicken broth, coconut milk, corn kernels, mushrooms, beef. And curry powder in the corner.

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Recipe: Easy, Cheap Beef Stroganoff

I get most of my recipes from for many reasons. My main reason is because of all the practical categories you can search through. For example, they have categories such as “5 items or less,” cooking and prep times, vegetarian, main dish, cuisine, inexpensive…it just goes on. This recipe I found called “Cheap Beef Stroganoff” is easy and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients or preparation. You can just go straight to the website and take the recipe from there, but here I’m going to explain how I did it a little simpler (can you believe it’s possible?)…

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